Is Konsole secure?

Everything you need to know about how we keep your Konsole data secure.

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Security of your information is our number one priority, and Konsole has been built to the highest security standard with that in mind.

Authentication and permissions

No client data in Konsole can be accessed without a valid Konsole user account, and the data an account can access is tightly controlled by multiple permission levels for internal users and client users. To further protect our clients, the creation of new Konsole accounts can only be done by internal Kearney Group team members.

To protect Konsole accounts from being hijacked, changes to an account email address, password or mobile phone number all require multi-factor authentication.

Servers, storage and networking

All Konsole data is encrypted both at rest (using AES-256) and in transit (via SSL certificates that are 2048 bit RSA and signed with SHA256). That's the same (or higher) level of encryption you'll find on your bank's online banking portal or mobile app.

All Konsole servers and data stores are located in Australia in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres. AWS is the industry leader in providing secure data centres, and Konsole uses best-practices standards for infrastructure access management, auditing, alerting, container and server hardening, monitoring, data replication and data backup.

Feel free to read this for more information about security in security in AWS.


Kearney Group employs a dedicated on-site software team to ensure that Konsole is properly monitored, maintained, patched and updated.

Source code for Konsole undergoes a rigorous review for security, performance and functionality before any updates to production servers.

Incident reporting

If you have any concerns about Konsole, or would like to report an issue, please contact support.

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